NNA Online Tournament Procedure

Tournament Players are to read the following:

To register for a Tournament you must use Facebook. The National Nertz Association fan page will post tournament registration information periodically. To receive this information just become a fan on the NNA fan page using this link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/National-Nertz-Association/6535396364?v=wall. When prompted, the first people to leave a comment stating that they wish to play in the tournament will be registered. A tournament director will contact you via Facebook message to confirm your registration and to give you additional tournament information. The number of players that can register will be posted initially and may vary from tournament to tournament. Even if there are more comments posted than spots available, you may still post a comment to be a reserve in case a player or multiple players back out.

The tournament director will keep a tournament player updated with information on tournament and match procedure as well as bracket information and game times. The director will instruct you to get familiar with Solitaire Race before you play a tournament match. Use this link to play the game: https://www.aol.com/games/play/masque-publishing/solitaire-race/. You must log in in order to chat and play with others. If you log in as a "Guest" you will not be able to chat and play with others. We recommend that you log in with your Facebook account so that your tournament director and your opponents can easily identify you upon match time. If you choose not to log in with your Facebook account make sure you let the tournament director know what your screen name is before match time.

Current Tournament Summary:

A tournament starts when all brackets are filled. Tournaments are single elimination. Matches played to 100. A player plays in 1 match per round. Matches consist of 4-player tables. The top two scores in a match advance. There are no Bonuses for calling "Nertz" in a match, which is not our decision as that is how Solitaire Race is played. A game will start no later than 10 minutes after the specified time. If a player misses the start of the game they may come in late. If a player does not show at all, then the computer will play in his/her place and the computer's score will be used as that player's score. The computer's game stats will not count as the player's stats in the event that they do not show at all. However, if a player plays in a game, no matter how brief the appearance, then all of the game stats from both the computer and player portions of the match will be included in that player's tournament statistics. Seeding is determined by a combination of a players' NNA tournament experience, the order of registration, and/or player availability. Player scores will be posted here: http://nnagames.blogspot.com/. Players may check the tournament brackets here: http://nertzbrackets.blogspot.com/. Players will be notified after each round of their tournament status. If you advance you will receive additional game time information at a later date via Facebook message.

Match Procedure

Please Note:
This online game may not be exactly the same style of Nertz you are used to playing at home. However, it should be similar. (Not to mention FREE) Thus, AOL, Games.com, Pogo.com, Java, and any other parties involved with the Solitaire Race are not responsible for this NNA tournament or any issues regarding tournament game play if there should be any.

1. Upon game time go to this page: https://www.aol.com/games/play/masque-publishing/solitaire-race/. Log in with your facebook account and skip the tutorial if it is prompted.

2. After log in, you will be directed to the “NNA Members Lobby”. Remain in the lobby and do not sit at a table right away. Once in the lobby, you should be able to see other players there. Use the chat box to communicate with the director or other players. Make sure you are able to chat in the lobby. Sometimes a person logs in and the chat portion fails to load. If this happens, Log out, and log back in. Doing so usually corrects the problem. If you are unable to chat, use Facebook to communicate with the tournament director. Currently, the tournament director is NNA Rep. Don Jose Villareal.

4. While in the NNA Members Lobby the director will confirm your presence via the chat box. If your AOL account and your Facebook accounts have different screen names then be sure to let the director know ahead of time so that they may be able to identify you.

5. Next the director will designate one player to open a private table by clicking on the “Private” button in the blank table at the top left corner of the room. This player will then have to create a password, at which point he/she will simply type in “nna”, and then press “ok” to enter the room. Public tables may also be used if the director prefers to use one.

6. IMPORTANT: After a player sits at a table, he/she is not to click the start button which reads “I’m Ready Now”. That player is to wait until everyone else is seated and then let the game timer automatically start the game. This will ensure that all players get a fair start. If the game starts before everyone is seated, the director will instruct all players to exit to the lobby using the “Exit to the Lobby” link at the bottom of the table, and try again.

7. After the designated player creates this table, the remaining players will then locate the private table in the game lobby and join it. You will have to enter the password which will be “nna” to enter. Be prepared for the start of the game shortly after you enter the room, as mentioned before with the player that creates the table, wait until the timer starts the game and do not press the start button.

8. If any player encounters a connection problem, we will not be stopping the game. Unfortunately, the cost of playing Nertz online is that you can only be as good as your connection or computer allows. If you do experience connection problems, sometimes exiting out and restarting your browser can help you salvage the rest of your game. Once the game has begun, you are free to come in and out of the room to try a remedy any connection problems you may be experiencing. The game will not stop, but a computer is designed to play for you in the case you should lose a connection.

9. The director will attempt to be taking screen shots of the scores after every hand. So, do not click the “Continue” button right away. Give it a couple seconds in between hands so that everyone can get a chance to see their scores.

10. Lastly, if no player makes it to 100 points by the 20th hand, the game ends. This is not our decision, but that is how Solitaire Race is set up. So, if that happens, it will still be the players with the two highest scores that advance even without making it to 100. This does happen, but not often.

The NNA would like to thank its members for their participation in these tournaments and they look forward to hosting more for all the Nertz players out there! If you have any additional questions or need some clarification on this information, let us know. Good Luck!