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Past Winners:
Deanna Johnson - Official Nertz Scoring Pad (Pink)
Megan Dalgren - "I just nerted" T-shirt
Shelly Tilton - Women's "Nertz Pro" T-shirt.

Online Nertz Tournament
Current Tournament ID: NNA008 (Postponed Until Further Notice)
The First Official Tournament of 2010!
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NNA008 Event Page

Aaron Whitcomb was our most recent Online Nertz Champion! Congratulations again, Aaron! In this last tournament Aaron won a Nertz Scoring Pad, the title of "Online Nertz Champion", and an invitation to the "Tournament of Champions"! A special "Thanks" goes out to all of our tournament participants of 2009.
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If you think you can take on Nertz champions...register for the next one and let's see what you got.

List of NNA Tournament Champions
NNA001 - Sara Paseka
NNA002 - Sara Paseka
NNA003 - Jill Younker-Sny (Summer Classic Online)
NNA004 - Meg Holko
NNA005 - Katie McClain (MEGA-Nertz Open)
NNA006 - Aaron Whitcomb

1ST GOAL: 100 members. Reached Jan. 29th 2008!
2ND GOAL: 200 members. Reached Sept. 12th 2008!
3RD GOAL: 300 members. Reached Nov. 15th 2008!
4TH GOAL: 400 members. Reached Jan. 14th 2009!
5TH GOAL: 500 members. Reached Feb. 28th 2009!
6TH GOAL: 750 members. Reached Jul. 28th 2009!
7TH GOAL: 1000 members. Reached Feb. 9th 2010!

1500 members.

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