It seems everyone enjoys playing Nertz.

As you may already know I am a huge Nertz advocate. I used to think that Nertz was the best kept secret in amongst the other card games. Recently, I have come to find that Nertz is becoming extremely popular. I find someone or something new about this game online every time I search for it. My point is.... It's about time. I just couldn't see how this game is not well known yet. A game that has been around for more than 70 years. A game that everyone seems to enjoy. Everyone I know who plays Nertz, loves Nertz. And everyone I meet that already knows how to play it also loves it. It seems that this game has always had the right ingredients to grow exponentially in popularity, and now I think we are finally starting to see that exponential growth. Thanks to the Internet, blogs, messaging, and e-mails we now have the means to properly help this game become wildly popular.
It also seems that everyone who plays Nertz also feels it is their duty to spread the word about it. They know just like I know that it would be easier to satisfy their Nertz cravings if their were more people to play with. My guess is that if you have ever played this game, at some point, you probably had to teach some else how to play to satisfy your Nertz cravings.
So here is the deal...We all know Nertz is a great game, we all would love to play more often, we all would love to see this game become incredibly popular and say that we knew how to play before the Nertz explosion. So here is what you can to do help the cause......

Play Nertz often
Teach Nertz to others
Talk about Nertz with others who love to play games
Join the National Nertz Association, an organization that promotes Nertz and is free to join
Visit the NNA site often as well as its sister sites across the web
Share your Nertz knowledge and experiences on those same sites and comment as often as possible
Start your own Nertz tournaments or leagues
Constantly search for and visit any Nertz related sites to stay current with what's new in Nertz


Amanda said...

Thanks for coming by my blog today. We love Nertz. It's been about ten years since I last played, but I'm looking forward to a brushup. Just wanted to say I appreciated your comment.

silken said...

I too have not played in a long time (actually my husband hates it! shhh!)

thanks for stopping by my site today! will have to pass the word about the nertz site!

erin f. said...

I'm sorry! We were totally kidding about the comments, it is no big deal. We love nertz!

Amanda said...

My grandparents taught me to play, we played at every holiday when I was a kid. Have you ever played with 12 people? What a game! Now I'm teaching younger friends. :) Can't believe you found me on the one day I mentioned Nertz...

Ashley said...

Hey thanks for the comment!! I LOVE nertz. My roommates and I seriously couldn't think about anything else once we learned how to play. Our dining room table was constantly covered in cards. We filled an entire notebook with scores. We taught like 7 friends how to play. It was a nightly ritual. The biggest game that we had going was with like 8 people, it was nuts!! I haven't played in awhile, but don't worry I've definitely done my fair share of passing the game on!! :)